New Aluminum-Air Battery Makes Electric Cars Worry-Free

There are plenty of electric cars on the market today, but most of us are still driving the traditional gas-guzzlers. Why? Lack of recharging infastructure and so-called "range-anxiety" are two primary reasons for dismal electric car usage right now, but the future is coming. A new battery for electric cars may solve both problems and usher in a new age of worry-free transportation.


Electric car recharging.: Photo by Ludovic Hirlimann.Electric car recharging.: Photo by Ludovic Hirlimann.


The Israel-based company Phinergy has developed a metal-air battery that just might put an end to "range anxiety" -- the fear that an electric car will run out of power mid-trip, with nowhere to recharge. Phinergy's electric car battery is made up of 50 aluminum plates that "breathe" oxygen from the air to release energy from the metal. Each of these plates provides energy for about 20 miles of driving, for an impressive total range of 1,000 miles. This battery does requires stops every couple of hundred miles, but only to be replenished with a near-ubiquitous substance: water.

The best thing about these new electric car batteries is that they are environmentally friendly. They produce no carbon dioxide emissions.Phinergy's batteries are not rechargeable, but they are easily replaced, and made up of recyclable aluminum.

Because Phinergy's batteries are not rechargeable, they work best as backups to the lithium-ion batteries that electric cars use right now. The video below shows an electric car using a combination of both types of batteries.



Phinergy believes its metal-air batteries could be commercially available in electric cars as early as 2017, ushering in a new age of worry-free transportation.


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