New Apple MacBooks Will Feature Blu-ray DVD Support to Watch HD movies

With the Macworld Expo fast approaching (January 15, 2008), Apple is expected to unveil their latest crop of their ultra-popular MacBooks. These new MacBooks are expected to feature support for Blu-ray DVD movies, which will bring HD content to MacBook users by way of traditional DVD's and digital movies via iTunes.

This announcement is somewhat overdue for Apple who announced way back in 2005 that it had joined the Blu-ray Disc Association. Since that time, Apple hasn't really focused at all on creating Blu-ray compatible devices. The ongoing battle between the high definition giants, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, will most likely become even more heated in 2008, because Microsoft is a supporter of HD-DVD while Apple will now become a more active supporter for Blu-ray format.

Apple is being pretty tight-lipped about their new MacBook line-up, but they are expected to announce the details of newest Blu-ray compatible creations at the Macworld Expo. The AppleInsider reports that the first Mac's with Blu-ray support will "introduce a significant overhaul to its Mac Pro professional workstations."

MacBook Pro (2007): Pro (2007):

One of the most anticipated new products being unveiled at the Macworld Expo this month is the Apple sub-notebook. This new notebook, along with iTunes rentals, will be the main attractions at this year's expo. I was able to uncover what could be an early sneak peak at the Apple sub-notebook that has been spotted at the HackintheBox website. Notice how large the touch-pad is, while the notebook's body is slim and looks very lightweight. I guess we'll have to wait until the 15th of January to verify that this photo is the real Apple sub-notebook.

Possible leaked photos of the Apple sub-notebook (on the right)Possible leaked photos of the Apple sub-notebook (on the right)

Apple also plans on making some adjustments to their Apple TV set-top-box product. Later in 2008 or possibly in 2009, they plan on adding a TV tuner and a direct way to connect to the Internet via Apple TV.

This year looks promising for Apple, and their new MacBooks with Blu-ray support are only the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more details after the Macworld Expo later this month.

Sources: AppleInsider, HackintheBox

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Jan 3, 2008
by jonathan (not verified)


wow. Its wonderful

Jan 4, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)


I hope Apple offer a choice of HD drives as I personally don't want Blu Ray as I have HD DVD equipment already.

Jan 4, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

This is kind of funny

This is kind of funny because no where has there been any indication that anyone expects Apple to put BR in their portables. This blog is the first to say that. The rumor is that Apple might offer BR as an option somewhere in their product line. It would be nice to see this blog taking credit for the things they make up and not trying to trick people.