5+ Cool, But Fishy, Aquariums

I don't really know what pet fish think of the new aquariums. You fish people will have to let us know how they react to their homes being in the belly of a robot or hanging from a lamp hook. Maybe I'm a purist, but I would never put my birds in those situations... So, for those of us who remain ignorant about fish preferences, here are five (really 6) neat-looking aquariums.


1. The R2-D2 Aquarium

I wonder what the real R2-D2 would think about carrying a 3/4 gallon aquarium tank in his belly. It looks good for small fish, and he even has a radar eye that doubles as a periscope into the tank so you can watch the fish when they come up to eat. The dome has a removable feeding door. Tank lights are LED and randomly morph from red to blue to green. Scenery is strictly Star Wars, of course.

Operating on vocal commands, R2-D2 moves his head from side to side, and makes the same sounds as his namesake in the Star Wars movies. The R2-D2 Aquarium requires an AC outlet. (Update: This aquarium has been discontinued.)



2. The AquaBetta Aquarium Desk Lamp

Apparently the Betta fish doesn't need to be in a large space, which is good because the AquaBetta Aquarium only holds one liter of water. You know about the Starter Wife? Well, the Betta fish is known as the Starter Fish, so if you purchase one, know you'll be addicted to pet fish soon. Don't worry about the LED light; it doesn't impact the temperature of the tank significantly. This lamp tank makes a super detractor from work, or neat night light for a child. The AquaBetta Aquarium Desk Lamp comes in satin nickel and bronze. (Update: This aquarium is no longer available.)



3. Aquarium End Table and Coffee Table

These glass table top aquariums are lovely. Do the fish like the coffee cups and magazines sitting above them? Who knows? But they do get a 360 degree round view of their external environment and either 15 or 25 gallons to swim around in, depending on which table you buy.

The aquarium rests on a black acrylic base and is surrounded by clear acrylic. The two-stage submersible filter pump, blue glass gravel, decorative plants and lights are all included with the tables. The tops are very sturdy 1/4 inch beveled tempered glass. The 15 Gallon Aquarium End Table has a 24" top.



The 25 Gallon Aquarium Coffee Table has a 36" top.



4. Moody Aquarium Sink

How wonderfully distracting is this sink? The airtight aquarium is cleverly accessed through the cup hole and soap dish for cleaning. The sand bed and lights are included, as is a power head to ensure water circulation, oxygenation and filtration.

The basin is mounted on a chrome finished brass stand with a towel rack right below the front of the sink. I would never get my cat out of the Moody Aquarium Sink.



5. Fish 'n Flush Aquarium

Swoosh. Down you go!

Actually, the aquarium is not the toilet tank, but it fits in front of the tank. The Fish 'n Flush holds 2.2 gallons of fresh or sea water, has a dual-filter system, and comes with two nine-inch plastic plants, a fill valve, and a complete flushing system. The Fish 'n Flush does not come with a toilet or the tacky toilet seat! (Update: This aquarium has been discontinued.)


Goin' fishin?

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That's the buzz for today!

Editor's Note: Since the article was first published, many of these aquariums have been discontinued or are no longer carried by the original vendor.  If you are looking for stunning aquariums, Midwest Tropical has some really striking and elegant options and they are available on Amazon here.


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