New Arm Computer May Be The Future Of Tech

MYO Wearable ComputerMYO Wearable Computer

A new invention has surfaced that could change the way people work with computers and other electronic devices. The idea of wearable computing devices is not new, and almost every year some prototype sees the light of day at conferences and in science magazines. But most of them are usually impractical or would cost too much to take off in the marketplace. Now however, one startup is pushing things further and came out with a product that will actually sell. It is called the MYO and is a wearable device which can control a PC or Apple computer simply by moving your arm around.

The MYO Wearable Computer is a small armband which senses your skin and muscle movements. The chips inside this band will monitor your movements, and by checking how your arm is positioned, it will be able to send commands to the computing device. The MYO can also be extended to work with robots or other electronic devices like a remote control would, but simply by moving your arm around, without the need for a controller or portable device in your hand.

The obvious use case for the MYO is someone who typically has other things in hand, like a soldier on a battlefield controlling a robot, or a fireman using a search and rescue camera. But even for someone at home trying to control a computer that may be a few feet away, this could be helpful. The device will be available in the coming months and retail for $149.