New Bicycle Concept to Offer On-Board Charging Station and Clean Transportation

Most of us couldn't possible imagine life without our beloved automobiles. However, many countries in Asia rely on bicycles much more heavily than the automobile. Yuji Fujimura, a graduate of Pratt University's Industrial Design program, has provided such countries with a futuristic bicycle concept that could change how we look at pedaling to get from place to place.

The new concept has been dubbed the ver2 and will feature two different operating modes that will both offer a clean way to get around. The first will be a traditional pedal powered bicycle that uses a small amount of energy from the crank to charge the small onboard Lithium Ion Batteries. This would most likely be used when in town and having to start and stop frequently.

When you get to a more open environment and feel like relaxing a little bit, the bike's small electric motor can take over and provide all the thrust you need to keep upright. Additionally, the on board batteries will serve as a means of charging any electronics you might be carrying with you. A small charging station is situated in the frame of the bike and will have a handful of plugs that will allow you to keep your laptop/cell phone/MP3 players/whatever else you might carry with you fully charged and ready to use.

No word on if a prototype will be built, but if the concept does make it to the production stage it would surely change how many people look upon the everyday bicycle.

Buzz Beast