New Big Dog Robot: Most Advanced Quadruped Robot On Earth

Boston Dynamics has come up with a brilliant robotic creation called "Big Dog ." This robot is being hailed as "The Most Advanced Quadruped Robot on Earth". Its primary goal is to go anywhere regardless of terrain with ease, just like people can maneuver in rugged or tough conditions.


The over all design of Big Dog has been masterfully engineered to carry extremely heavy loads while the hydraulic legs conquer steep hills, uneven ground and basically whatever the earth has to offer. This robot is able to absorb shock as it steps and recycle energy with its motion. The computer control center on the project keeps it balanced as well as controls the steering, navigations and energy as it is needed when the terrain changes. Of course it is loaded with sensors to be sure that Big Dog remains stable with every task. This is a huge technological advance for defense especially for  DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) who is funding the venture.


Company Overview of Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has made a name for themselves as the "leader in life like simulation" and why not? The geniuses that work behind the scenes have made huge steps in artificial intelligence.

One of the remarkable feats this company is responsible for comes in the form of the DI-Guy, now funded by the military. The DI-Guy will help train by providing simulations for strategic planning, emergency situations and spontaneous or emerging conflicts.



Other Special Projects


The experts at Boston Dynamics have a few other robotic projects that are fairly new to 2008. The RHex is a low to the ground robot that is a remarkable traveler. It is designed to handle wet or muddy conditions and can easily move over diverse territory.



The RiSE robot is a six legged automaton that somewhat resembles a scorpion. This is a spectacular wall crawling machine capable of climbing vertical items such as buildings, trees, etc. These models use micro-claws and sticky substances to achieve this technological achievement. The future replicas will use a dry material to adhere to metal, glass and other smooth surfaces.


What Does All This Mean For The Future?

Well, obviously the military benefits of using these technologies can be enormous. The Big Dog can be an asset to our military troops no matter where they are deployed and regardless of the mission. It can carry more equipment to allow for extra armor, weapons or other means of defense and safety. These robots are still being tested but by the time they are released for consistent use, they'll be able move on any terrain a human can, via its sensors and onboard navigational system. This is a state of the art machine that is vitally important to the way missions will be carried out in the future. 

Aug 6, 2008
by Anonymous


That`s awsam!! It looks really spooky =) We are comming closer and closer to machines like terminator =)

Aug 6, 2008
by Manda Spring

No Kidding :)

I completely agree with you there!!!