New Bizarre Beauty Trend: Placenta Drinks and Supplements

Serious skin care products... from the center of a swineSerious skin care products... from the center of a swine

The placenta... it nourishes and protects the mammalian fetus until after the birth, when it's commonly known as the "afterbirth". That makes perfect sense. What does not make sense, at least to this casual observer, is why women would want to eat, drink and rub into their faces natural skin products made from placenta. Then it came to me - youth and beauty. Gals (and guys, truth be told) will do anything to retain those critical commodities. Anything...

With that thought in mind, I called in My Japanese Wife to translate the hieroglyphics on manufacturer Nihon Sofuken's website. She's much more accurate than Google (prettier, too), which mangled the Japanese copy into, for example:

  • strong aroma of corruption and causing blood to the complete removal.
  • erased the distinctive odor of the beast, peach flavor.

Hopefully they erased the number of the beast as well. Wired used Google to translate the site copy in their review but for some reason Google attempted to translate from Chinese - the results being less accurate (but definitely more humorous):

  • However, not their domestic dolphin Center at who and the raw materials and do me.
  • their unique Shou Consumers who smell them, taste defeated delicious remember worship Lord And themselves.

Anyway, enough hilarity and on to the placenta products. Nihon Sofuken is marketing a range of health, beauty and serious skin care products under the "Q-bit" brand, with pig placenta as the active ingredient.

Regardless of the cute human fetus in utero image shown at the website, the placentas are derived from wholesome, Japanese pigs - not dna lamb placenta, by the way - and are specially screened to remove all traces of blood, hormones, toxins and disease agents "including those which cause BSE" (which incidentally, comes from cows).

The screening has the added benefit of removing any unwelcome tastes or odors, allowing Nihon Sofuken to add a pleasingly refreshing, delicate Peach flavor to the placenta drinks and jellies. Let us all be thankful for that, at least.

Placenta pills to cure your illsPlacenta pills to cure your ills

The placenta products come in beverages of various placental concentrations, capsules, an organic skin cream and a wearable facial mask impregnated... er, infused with placental extract. Delightful - and not a single calorie!

Pig placenta face masks for pink, kissable cheeksPig placenta face masks for pink, kissable cheeks

Nihon Sofuken explains the use of placenta in these health and skin care products by evoking some historical precedents, aka name-dropping - placenta was used by such notable beauties as Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette to retain and improve their legendary radiance, giving them younger looking skin. Nevermind that they both died before their times... thanks to the wonders of placenta, their corpses looked mahvelous!

Interested in trying these placenta products? Seriously? I'd recommend checking with the FDA first and assuring them that no "domestic dolphins" were harmed in the making of the products.

Then try ordering your chosen skin products from Nihon Sofuken's website and see if they'll deliver to your city or town. If you live in Placentia, that would be just perfect. (via Japan Trend Shop)

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Apr 2, 2008
by Anonymous

the things we do for beauty!

the things we do for beauty! but if it works, cheaper than plastic surgery!

Apr 2, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

Honey, i'm home....

Yes, i can imagine some Hard-working Hubby walking i the door after a tough day at the office, there to be confronted by his Lovely Wife decked out in hair curlers and a pig placenta facial mask. They're doing what they do, for each other - ah, married bliss!

Apr 4, 2008
by Anonymous


the B in BSE stands for Bovine (aka cow)

Apr 4, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture


Yes, it does, which is why i thought to add the bracketed "which comes from cows". It was on the product page and seemed odd, so i made mention of it. Um, the placenta products won't give you Avian Flu either...