New Business Trend: Services to Live Like the Rich and Famous

Want to live like a celebrity, even if only for a day? Celeb 4 A Day makes it possible for you to live like the stars, by providing you with a personal paparazzi service that puts your face on the cover of a faux magazine. While their services are available to just about anyone, they market themselves primarily to D-List celebrities, entertainers or bands looking to boost their publicity at a public event. After all, if you're being followed by cameras, you must be someone big, right?, but that's what they want the public to think.

Currently Celeb 4 A Day's paparazzi experience services are US based and available only in Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Each city offers a slightly different package, ranging from $299 - $1499 (plus tax!). No one ever said it was cost-effective to live like the rich and famous.

The cheapest package provides you with four personal paparazzi to greet you at the location or event of your choice and up to 30 minutes one-on-one time where you will be plagued with questions prying into your personal life, hear your name shouted into the streets and let's not forget about the high-gloss photo that will appear on the cover of their MyStar magazine (not published, for your enjoyment only!)

If you're willing to dish out the dough for the pricey MegaStar package, two more paparazzi are thrown into the deal, you have a limo at your disposal, receive a CD with all photos taken by your photography vultures (no matter how unflattering), a bodyguard to fend off your adoring public, and 2 full hours of personal paparazzi treatment. And, just incase their questions get out of line, they even give you a publicist that will field their questions on your behalf.

For those who would rather step into the shoes of a paparazzi, Celeb 4 A Day also offers the Safari Experience, where for a mere $799 (plus tax) you can follow a real celebrity vulture at work in Los Angeles, and help terrorize your favorite celebrities. If that's not enough, you'll even get your hands dirty by getting behind the lens of your own video camera. The price isn't as hefty as it may sound, it does allow you to bring a friend after all.

Finally, if it's only the luxurious celebrity lifestyle you seek, you will have to get that charge card ready to have access to their $22,000 (plus tax) all-inclusive vacation for three, for just four nights in paradise. No consumers, I didn't accidentally add a few extra zeroes onto that price; but what a profit!

While I am not one to be envious of the celebrity lifestyle, I am sure there are people looking to publicize their events, organizations, or even just themselves that will pay any price.

So, entrepreneurs, why not find a way to profit from people's desire for fame and fortune? There's clearly money to be had, especially from those looking to climb the celebrity ladder.

To learn more about Celeb 4 A Day's various packages, visit them online and arrange your own private paparazzi service.