New Cat Product, New Clever Cat Commercials: Cat's Pride® Fresh & Light® Cat Litter



Cat's Pride Fresh & LightCat's Pride Fresh & Light


Cat owners are elated that Cat's Pride® , the well-known cat litter company, has come out with a lighter weight cat litter.  Forty pound cat litter bags are now a thing of the past for us.  Apparently, cats are loving Cat's Pride Fresh & Light® because it doesn't stink!  Well, that's what the new product's humorous commercials depict...




And Mom gets a special treat just for purchasing Fresh & Light®...




Lucky Mom.... If video commercials do sell product, I predict that even people who don't have cats will buy this cat litter. 

The reviews of the Fresh & Light cat litter are, so far, very positive.   Boxes of the clay compound come in 15 and 21 pound sizes and supposedly last as long as those that contain up to 40 percent heavier product.  Fresh & Light is a clumping cat litter and has little dust.  There is no fragrance used in this product, so it is recommended for cats that have allergies or are sensitive to perfumy odors.  Nevertheless, Fresh & Light is reported by most users to absorb otherwise smelly cat odors.  

Fresh & Light is available at, where I am going right now to purchase a box!


That's the buzz for today!


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