New Challenger Gets Old School Look

The Dodge Challenger has become a huge hit with MOPAR lovers in the short time it has been on the market. What is even better is that Dodge has decided to design a Challenger package that is a straight throw-back to the muscle car days and unleash it on the unsuspecting pavement.

The Classic Challenger features an egg crate grill with the early 1970s R/T badge on the driver's side. Two black stripes flow from the headlights back to the rear wheel well and end with a set of stacked R/T letters. The classic Challenger emblem was also added to the exterior to complete the retro look.

As far as performance goes, not much was done to add power. A custom high-flow exhaust was installed, bumping the horsepower up to 376 and the torque to 410ft/lbs. A fully function hood scoop was also added to help the 5.7 liter HEMI breath a little more freely. The extra power is enough to launch the new Challenger to 60mph in less than 6 seconds.


The 2009 Challenger R/T Classic is priced at $34,005 and is sure to become another instant classic. Dealerships are already taking orders.