New Compact Recycling Unit Allows You To Organize Before Crushing!

My office is a huge mess.  Papers everywhere.  Beer bottles.  Bags of chips.  I'm now staring at a Subway bag with the refuse of a sandwich wrapped inside; I haven't eaten at Subway for a long time...

I'm a slob.  The only way I know my desk is in here is because of the giant mound of seemingly floating paper that surrounds my monitor.  My stereo is down in that somewhere...  I only know because I can hear it's muffled cries for help in the form of the talk radio station I listen to constantly.  I never needed to turn it off, so the poor stereo is suffocating.

I'm glad that I'm moving soon.  It'll force me to clean.

I'm also glad that, in tooling around the ‘Net for topics for my Toys & Gadgets Blog, I stumbled onto this:

This is the Mode RCC1000 Premium Home Recycling Center with Mechanical Compactor.  What makes this sucker special is that it utilizes a newly developed compaction system that can crush everything from aluminum cans to 2 liter bottles in one-step.  The crumpled items then drop into an 8-gallon storage bin.  A second bin (this one 5-gallons) is designed to hold roughly two weeks of newspapers and bulk mail; it even allows for sorting between the different kinds of paper.

Don't mistake this for your filing cabinet...Don't mistake this for your filing cabinet...

All of this rests inside the RCC1000's 15"x17"x30" size-remarkably small for the amount of storage.  Two recycling bin liners allow for easy removal from the unit to the curb.  It even comes equipped with a weekly or biweekly alarm to warn you when it's time to scramble after the recycling truck.

Hurry!  You're gonna miss the truck!!!Hurry! You're gonna miss the truck!!!

If you don't want to spend $229.99 for the device above, Mode offers the MT100 Premium 10-Gallon Kitchen Bin.

While it's not quite as snazzy as the RCC1000, for $100.00 less, it's still an innovative compactor.

The unit has a soft-closing lid that houses a bag-locking system to keep the bag from flopping down to the bottom.  We all know what a pain that can be, particularly if the compactor is loaded full of gooey stuff.  And, on the flip side, the MT100 uses "Easy Release Technology" to aid in bag removal.  Essentially, this expands the size of the bin to minimize tearing when lifting it out.  No more tugging at overly full bags.  Pretty slick, eh?

It also contains the same alarm system as the other model.   And it's pretty small, too...

As I sit here and look around my office, I realize that only brute strength and determination will accomplish my goal of a clean workspace (well, it's either that or I light it all on fire...).

But at least I may be able to carry all of the recycling out in one or two bins instead of creating a fortress made of garbage bags at the end of my driveway.  I can easily envision hoards of school kids storming my very penetrable wall of recycling.  That would be ugly.

You can find the Mode RCC1000 Premium Home Recycling Center with Mechanical Compactor and the Mode MT100 Premium 10-Gallon Kitchen Bin at Amazon.

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