New Cure For Dog iPhone Envy: The iBone!

Let's face it: Buddy's getting less attention these days, now that Mom and Dad have iPhones. iPhone® is now the child that they never had... the child that Buddy used to be.

Mom or Dad used to accompany Buddy to the park to play ball with him or they would take him for a run through the neighborhood. Now, Buddy's left to chase other dogs' balls, while Mom's texting to her boss, or Dad's watching highlights of the playoffs. The run around the neighborhood has become more like a crawl, while Pop checks out a spot to take his date for dinner.

The iPhone phenomena is not all good, you know. Its ramifications have seriously affected family dogs (as well as the kids in the family), now observed to be suffering from a parental withdrawal syndrome known as "iPhone Envy."

One remedy for iPhone Envy is a dog toy, called the iBone , developed by Haute Diggety Dog™. No, it's not hard like a bone. It's a soft, squeaky 4" by 6" pacifier. it's cushy like a blankie, so that Buddy can always have something comforting in his mouth like Mom has in her hand. When Buddy squeezes the iBone dog toy, he feels love, companionship, and the possibility of fun!

The iBone is available from Haute Diggety Dog  or Amazon .

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