New Dad's Can Enhance Their Cool Quotient

When a baby arrives, all the attention is split between the new mom and the kid. However dads play an important role in the care of plenty of new additions, but they are often ignored by designers and baby marketers.  Now dad can find an excuse to get some cool new stuff too, thanks to the DadGear Diaper Vest.

Constructed from the highest quality materials available to sustain dad’s pre-fatherhood rugged lifestyle, this vest is durable and proven to last longer than baby will require it. Even though it  looks just like a regular sports store-bought outdoor vest, it actually carries all dad gear required for a day with baby!

Cool Gear For a Cool DadCool Gear For a Cool Dad

The upper right pocket is designed for quick access wipes, allowing you to grab one from either the inside or outside of the vest. Both sides of the vest also feature two form fitting bottle bockets, as well as two large internal pockets for diapers and other large items dad may need to tote around. Two regular pockets are also included to hold car keys or a cell phone, and lastly a dual entry large pocket on the back contains a slim changing pad specifically designed to look invisible during wear.

Dads will feel like James Bond with all their secret weapons, and baby will be content to spend the day with him without having to worry about food or diaper changes.

Pimped Out With Hidden FeaturesPimped Out With Hidden Features

The vest is available through, and comes in two macho colors.

Mar 13, 2008
by Anonymous


plural of dad is dads, see second sentence.