New Delphi Engine Mounts Mean Less Vibration and a More Enjoyable Driving Experience

Even the most well balanced engines in the world will transmit some vibration to the cabin. This is especially true with high horsepower applications, which will shift more under hard acceleration and gear changes. Delphi, drawing from their suspension technology, has developed a new engine mount that could reduce this vibration, even when holding a 435 horsepower Porsche engine.

The technology is called Magneride and relies on magneto-rheological damping to reduce the detectable movement that comes from your engine. A magneto-rheological system is something that uses magnetic fields to change the properties of a particular substance. In this case, the stiffness of the motor mount could be adjusted depending on who you are driving.

While inside the city, gear changes are usually more relaxed and engine speeds are kept lower. This will transmit less vibration to the cabin and produce less discomfort to the passengers. During this time, no outside energy will be applied to the motor mount and the compound will move freely. When you get onto the highway and your right foot begins to get heavier, an on board sensor could then produce a magnetic field across the mount and increase the strength of the compound.

The benefits of reducing engine movement are not only limited to comfort. The will also increase the stability of the vehicle as well as the available traction. Both of which could become a problem on the Porsche 911 GT3 when you open the throttle.

The technology will likely be included in luxury models as well as other performance vehicles in the future.

Motor Authority
Jul 26, 2009
by Anonymous

LIsc & make Billions

GM should lisc this process etc & make Billions alone & thus NO more bailout funds.

Imagine impact on ALL CAR, TRUCK MAKES worldwide.

Must produce this.