New Device Aids in Breast Cancer Detection

To coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Avie Products has launched a new electronic waterproof device named “Cue” that mainly functions as a breast self-exam reminder.

This gadget gives a reminder to perform a breast self-exam 7 days after the period has begun, when the breasts are least tender. For women in menopause, Cue will remind them on the same day each month.

Cue has a 24 character display and is easy to program. It asks a few simple questions in order to determine when breast self-exam reminders should be given.

Some of the features include:

    * Reminders timed to your unique menstrual cycle
    * Reminds you when your breasts are least tender
    * Option to set reminders on the same day each month
    * Simple questions guide you through setup
    * Waterproof for use in your shower or tub
    * Works discreetly in the privacy of your shower
    * Strong suction cup base leaves tiles unharmed
    * Tracks doctor's appointments for up to 3 years
    * 24 character display shows detailed alerts
    * Easy to use with four simple buttons
    * Built in clock with time and date
    * Minute timer for use with creams and lotions
    * Alerts can be personalized to display your name
    * Works for up to 4 users with personalized alerts
    * Stopwatch helps you conserve water use

While this product is mainly aimed to fight breast cancer, its many other features give it plenty of other uses as well. Cue is small enough to hold in your hand and has a large suction cup base.

"While breast self-exams are not an excuse to skip the doctor's visit, they are one thing women can do between visits to take charge of their own health care. By becoming familiar with the landscape of her breasts through regular breast self-exams, a woman will be more likely to notice any changes, which she can then discuss with her doctor. Cue makes it easy to remember to perform regular breast self-exams and to schedule regular doctor's appointments," said Beverly Smith, President of Avie Products.

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To learn more about breast cancer, visit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.