New Diamond-Cut Designed Nokia Prism 7900 Cell Phone

The Nokia Prism 7900 is a cell phone that is more than just a phone - it's a work of art! This glamorous cell phone with diamond-cut designs and crystal center key was created by Nokia in collaboration with the French creative designer Frederique Daubal.

Good looks is definitely a priority in this cell phone. It's body comes in either a gold/black body or a plain black body. The body of the phone has a unique pattern of angles and shapes that reflects light in various ways, and it gives the phone a sort-of glow to it that you can't find in other cell phones. The body is relatively thin, but still solid-looking, as you can see from the photo.
Front, side, and rear view of the Nokia 7900Front, side, and rear view of the Nokia 7900

The front of the Nokia 7900 features a large OLED display. Inside the 7900, you'll find 1GB of included memory for music, video, or photos (it comes with headphones). These phones are also equipped for 3G wireless web browsing at lightning fast speeds as well. The back of these phones sport a 2 MP camera with flash. User's also have the ability to customize the lighting color around the keypad from 49 different colors.
Nokia 7900 with included headphonesNokia 7900 with included headphones

Nokia expects to have these flashy new phones on the market within the next few months. The high price of these phones reflect the glamorous look of them, and it just goes to show that it costs money to look good. Starting prices are expected to be around 375 EUR or about $550.

Source: Nokia

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