New Electric Sports Car is Fast as Lightning

Late last year, a new company in the United Kingdom announced their plans to build an all electric supercar sporting 700hp (equivalent). The Lightning Car Company unveiled the Lightning GT at Geneva, bringing it one step closer to production.

To save weight, the body was constructed of Carbon Fiber and a Kevlar composite material. You can also opt for carbon fiber wheels if magnesium doesn't suit your tastes.

The Lightning also comes with a myriad of electronic goodies. Traction and stability control are standard as well as a premium sound system and an alarm/immobilizer system. If you want more, tire pressure monitoring and satellite navigation systems are available as an option.

Reaching that 700hp equivalent goal was no easy task. To do so, LCC went to Altairnano for their newest Nano-Safe batteries. The technology is still relatively new, but it uses nanotechnology to decrease the chances of overheating, while increasing power and lifespan. The result is a Lightning GT that will reach 60mph in just under 4 seconds.

Lightning Car Company is currently taking orders for 2009. A deposit of £15,000 ($29,800) is required. If you do decide to buy one, you have the option of customizing the Lightning right at the assembly plant.

HatTip : Lightning Car Company , Autoblog

Mar 6, 2008
by Anonymous

hi Im a student from philippines

hi I am nena rea palo a student from Philippines. I am interested about your invention. can you please give some importants points about how will it works and the advantages. please do a reply. this is my e mail add.
thank you so much more power. and god bless. i really need your reply

Mar 6, 2008
by Michelle
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Hot car. Wow, I want this

Hot car. Wow, I want this one.

Mar 12, 2008
by Anonymous

When do we see car tv commercials about this electric vechicle?

Are we going to see sport cars, babes, and models or are we goingt osee frowning, confused tree-huggers? :-)

May 16, 2008
by Anonymous


Wow, we don't even get told who invented this or when?
We should really get this information.
Some kids might need this for a school project. ;)