New Electric Vehicle Bill Could Offer a $10 Million Prize for Battery Technology

It's pretty clear that our government is planning on taking quite a few steps to both ease and hasten the transition into electrically powered vehicles in the coming years. While many of these are aimed at the consumer, a new bill being drafted could offer up to $10 Million cash for developing a longer lasting battery.

The bill is called the Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act of 2010 and is currently being routed through both the Senate and the House, both of which have a slightly different version. While both are geared toward promoting development and widespread acceptance of electrically powered vehicles, the Senate's version includes a $10 Million reward to the first company to develop a battery with a range of 500 miles on a single charge.

Plug In VehiclePlug In Vehicle

While the intention behind the Senate's $10 million prize is good, most gasoline-burning vehicles don't even see 500 miles on a single tank. So, do we really need a battery that can? Sure, there will always be the push to improve upon what we have, but most early adopters of EVs are fine with around 65 miles per charge for the moment.

Either way, if the Senate's version is passed it won't be long before someone out there will be reaching for the 500 mile per charge mark.

Green Car Advisor
Jun 2, 2010
by Anonymous

Change the prize rules

Extend range to 500 miles, 2 seater, sedan, Hybrid & multifuel gas engine.
Now thats radical.

& up the anty for any Co to produce batteries for 500,800,1K, 2K mile range.
& with Recharge stations for adding Miles to drive.