New Fighter Pilot Helmet Come With X-Ray Vision

Scientists in Europe have developed a new helmet for fighter pilots, which is able to actually see through their airplanes. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is currently testing these prototype helmets, along with scientists, at Boscombe Down in Wiltshire, England. Boscombe Down is a military aircraft testing site in England.

The MoD is developing these new helmets, because their new fleet of F-35 jet fighters do not have a "heads-up display" like current jet fighters have. Instead of the typical display, in the plane's cockpit, all of the computerized information will be displayed on the helmet's visor. The helmet visor will also allow the pilot to actually see through the plane's floor to view the Earth from 40,000 feet; A little freaky if you ask me! The helmet uses state-of-the-art infra-red imagery to give the helmet X-ray vision.

F-35 Fighter JetF-35 Fighter Jet

The F-35 fighters are scheduled to replace Harrier fighter jets eventually, and the U.S. military is already planning on purchasing some of the F-35's from England to add to the Navy's air fleet. The F-35's will cost approximately $38 million a piece. No word yet on the cost of the new helmets.

Fighter Pilot Helmet from the Mid-1980's: Top GunFighter Pilot Helmet from the Mid-1980's: Top Gun

Fighter pilot helmets have come a long way, in terms of innovation, in the past 20 years. Just for fun, take a look at Maverick's helmet (from the best movie of all-time: Top Gun). This helmet is what fighter pilots used in the mid-1980's. There is a slight difference between Maverick's helmet, and the helmet of the future; don't you think?


Fighter Pilot Helmet of the FutureFighter Pilot Helmet of the Future

One thing's for sure; if you can't defeat the enemy with the aid of this freaky helmet, you'll at least scare them in to thinking that they've been abducted by aliens!

Source: The Sun

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Nov 12, 2007
by USNAmid (not verified)

F-35 is an American plane

F-35 is an American plane being built by Lockheed Martin, BAE systems, and Northrop Grumman. The British are one of the funders of the program. As a side note, there was a little scuffle a while back because the British wanted the United States to release more of the technology inside the plane to allow them to do more of the repairs without US aide, but the US was a little hesitant about providing the technology. Also, the helmet's x-ray vision is a system of cameras around the plane that, based on where the pilot is looking, provide him with the composite image of what he would be seeing, if he was looking through the plane. Anyway cool plane and hope I get to fly the Navy version in a few years.

Nov 15, 2007
by wid-get (not verified)

very freaky indeed

ive been watching futrure weapons in discovery channel...and the F35 is one of US' 3 new war planes to take air superiority. F35 is a vertical take off and landing (VTOL) unlike the harrier, it has a supersonic speed its also almost invisible thru radar. combo that with an xray helmet that really kewl!!!

Jun 12, 2008
by Anonymous

Looks pretty cool.

I like the way they designed the visual look. In fact it is innovating for me. Good Job.

Sep 30, 2008
by Anonymous

Hold On

Okay so yes the F-35 is an American made plan. But u got one thing wrong the plane is not just a VTOL thats just the F-35B version designed for the needs of the marines while there are 2 more versions one for the air force(F-35A) and the other for the navy(F-35C). But yeah its a pretty cool plane and I am lucky enough to be part of the air force and be part of a team to house this future weqaon along with the F-22 Raptor baby. HOOAH!!