New “Final Shout” App Locates Your Lost iPhone

Lost your iPhone again? It won't be gone for long if you've installed the new “Final Shout” app developed by Kentaro Hayashi. Like a drowning swimmer going down for the third time, Final Shout posts your iPhone's location to a specified Facebook, Twitter and/or email account just before the battery runs out.  

Hayashi was his own inspiration for creating this app as he freely admits to frequently losing his iPhone, often in his own house. Although Apple's own "Find iPhone" feature can be very effective in tracking down lost iPhones, it has one significant flaw: it only works while the lost iPhone has internet on and battery power available. In far too many cases, by the time an iPhone owner realizes their iPhone is missing, the battery has run down.

Final Shout can't extend a lost iPhone's battery life but it can monitor how much juice is left. When the battery is on the verge of giving up the ghost, the app marshals those last few electrons to send out... you guessed it, a final shout.

It's up to the iPhone's owner to program the app with the preferred Facebook, Twitter and/or email settings so the owner can access their lost iPhone's last gasp on a desktop computer, tablet or laptop. The app will access geolocation data via GPS and display a Google map showing the lost iPhone's last location.

Regarding privacy concerns, the app will only access geolocation data when preparing for the Final Shout, and it never saves the geolocation either in the app or on a server. The app will only send your geolocation data to the specified Twitter or Facebook accounts and/or send it to the specified e-mail address.

One more thing... Final Shout can act as a “friend finder”, allowing users to broadcast their current location so friends monitoring their social media walls and pages will know exactly where to find you... an especially useful feature when you yourself are lost and your iPhone's about to run out of power.

Get Final Shout from the iTunes App Store – it's FREE but by helping find your lost iPhone it can save you LOTS!