A New form of Traction Control from Michelin

Michelin is known for producing some of the best tires on the road. They are also responsible for some of the best advances in traction technology. Now, they decided to expand their horizons into another rubber-based area...shoes.

Introducing the new Michelin MXD4 Driving Shoes. Even though they won't be directly involved in breaking any land speed records, they will at least help you keep a firm grip on the pedals when your running through the gears. They will also be endowed with the Michelin Logo on the outside of the leather right above the "sidewall."

If you look at the bottom of the show, you may find a pattern somewhat similar to some of Michelin's road-going products. However, the rubber compound is different from that used on production tires. An important note to remember: These are not intended for off-road use. After being thoroughly tested in a popular parking lot during a rain storm, professionals have concluded that the tread pattern is not properly engineered to repel mud. (They reported they spent over half an hour prying mud from between the cleats.)

"No-Slip Grip""No-Slip Grip"

Some of the highlights include:

- Patented Advanced Rear Suspension cushioning system for a comfortable heel strike. The multi-chambered, shock-absorbing heel pad is positioned between the insole and midsole.
-Traditional hand-sewn components to retain the shape and integrity over the life of the shoe.
Agion antimicrobial forefoot liner to provide effective odor control and resistance to fungal-related foot disorders over the life of the shoe.

The will be available in 5 different color options, chocolate, cream, and tan, black and white. MSRP for a pair of Michelin's Driving Shoes is set between $80 and $120 depending on style and color. My only question is whether or not you can get them in low-profile.

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George Delozier
Automotive Innovations