New Formula 3 Racer to Be Fast and the Environment

Once again, we find ourselves returning to the realm of more environmentally friendly racing, this time with something a little faster than a vehicle that runs on wind power. This time, the brilliant minds at the University of Warwick have designed a Formula-3 Racer that runs on biodiesel and uses as many green production and assembly practices as possible.

The WorldFirstF3 Race Car, as the name implies, is all about putting the world first. Every step of the building phase has been carefully examined and reworked to create the most earth friendly process possible. Recycling was also used as much as possible to reduce the waste created. The steering wheel and side view mirrors are molded using a carrot based plastic and potato starch as the main compounds.

Much of the body and interior components have been molded using a form of recycled Carbon Fiber, provided by Milled Carbon. Wiring harnesses and many of the safety components have been fabricated using recycled aluminum and other metals.

Power for the WorldFirstF3 comes from a 2.0 liter inline four turbo diesel, compliments of BMW. According to the design team, the engine and drivetrain have been engineered to reach a top speed of 140mph. If this is true, it should be very competitive with the other vehicles in the same class.

The team has also said the process of will cost roughly about the same as a traditional F3 vehicle.  Meaning we may be seeing more of this technology in the near future.

World First Racing