New “Gateway One” Desktop PC Offers Revolutionary Style and Functionality

Gateway is set to release what could be their most revolutionary PC ever. This new PC is called the Gateway One, and it is strikingly similar in design to an iMac. This new PC will run Windows Vista as its operating system, and other than that, it probably doesn't have much in common with your current PC.

3.5 inches thick: inches thick:

For starters, the Gateway One is an all-in-one PC; meaning that the "tower" part of the computer is built right into the monitor much like an iMac. The monitor still remains thin, though, measuring only 3.5 inches thick at its thickest point. The monitor itself is 19 inches wide, and it features HD quality resolution. The wide-screen display has a great piano black finish, and it's very nicely designed. On one side of the display, you will find some USB ports (7 total); and on the other side, you will find a DVD drive.

"Power Brick":"Power Brick": keyboard and mouse are both wireless, which leads me to probably the greatest feature of the Gateway One. This PC only has 1 cord that needs to be attached to an included power brick, and that's it! This will eliminate the "jungle" of cords behind your computer desk that look cluttered and messy.

Gateway One on Display at Tech Show: One on Display at Tech Show:


Gateway One PC: One PC:

The style and design of this computer is great, but it would be pretty much worthless without a solid processor. The Gateway One offers a nice internal set-up with a Core2 Duo processor with an on-board graphics card (upgradeable to an ATI graphics card). The base model "One" will feature a 320 GB hard drive, and a 1.3 megapixel camera. The "One" also offers a built-in TV tuner (not in the base model) so you can watch HD quality TV on the monitor.

The Gateway One is sure to be a hit for the holiday season. Gateway will release 3 models of this new PC this month. The base model will retail for $1,299 and will be exclusive to Best Buy. An upgraded version will retail for $1,799 and is also exclusive to Best Buy. Gateway will release another version at their website for $1,499.

I hope that other PC makers follow Gateway's lead in producing computers that are less bulky, buy yet offer improved processing power.

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