New Glove Helps In Early Detection of Breast Cancer

The Donna Glove is a new tool that can be used to detect lumps in the breast. The special design in the glove actually magnifies the senses in the fingers, allowing even the smallest lumps to be detected.

The breast examination is still done the same way, except you now put the gloves on instead of using your bare hands. The liquid in the glove is actually a light mineral oil.

A clinical trial was done in Rome on the Donna Glove. 108 high-risk women were studied for almost a year. Being split into two groups, half the women used the Donna Glove while the other half did self breast exams with their bare hands.

After 6 months, 84% (45 in each group) of these women had a recurrence of the lumps which was confirmed by mammography. Group 1 (the women using the Donna Glove) had a 100% self-detection rate, while Group 2 (women using bare hands) only had a 50% detection rate.

The study concluded that doing a breast self exam with the Donna Glove relates to a higher detection rate, therefore improving chances of survival.

More product information and ordering is available at their website.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To learn more about breast cancer, visit Susan G. Komen for the Cure .

Source: Natural News

Jan 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Donna Glove

The website: is not a working internet site. It is apparently the only place where you can order the Donna Glove. If anybody else out there knows where I can obtain one, please email me and post the info for others.

Thank you,
Candace Marty