New Hammock Shelter Revolutionizes Outdoors Trips

Shelter designShelter design

In any camping, outdoors or survival situation, everybody knows that shelter is one of the very first element you need to take care of. With food and water, a shelter allows you to survive in the forest without risking getting wet, cold or attacked by nature. In order to fulfill this basic need, a lot of companies introduced many different solutions and products, but most of them still rely on a basic model where you create the shelter above you, then end up sleeping on the ground. A team out of Massachusetts created a new design called Nubé.

Unlike other shelters, Nubé is a hammock linked to a shelter system. The main feature is the fact that everything is elevated. This is a huge benefit since you don't have to worry about the ground being dirty or wet, and you protect yourself from insects and small animals who roam the forest floor. With patent-pending design ideas, the team claims that it is the most advanced shelter system ever created. Because the hammock suspension lines are integrated in the shelter, they never get wet. An insect shield is incorporated in the design, and the supports can accommodate 200 lbs of gear.

Right now the project is on Kickstarter, but it proved to be such a popular idea among camping and outdoors enthusiasts that they already passed their goal amount with two weeks remaining. So far all the early bird specials are gone, but you can reserve your own product for $250, according to their pledge list. Even though the survival shelter market is quite crowded, this goes to show that there is always room for innovation.