New Headphones Product That Doesn't Strangle You In Your Sleep

Like many others, I’ve tried listening to music through my headphones while going to bed. To be honest, it’s not an experiment that’s any fun. Aside from hoping nothing happens to your precious MP3 player, the headphone cords are a major concern. No matter how long you sleep for, you’ll find yourself tangled or will notice that your headphones are no longer on. One new product hopes to eliminate these problems.

Source: Etsy

Invented by a family doctor, the Sleep Headphones eliminate the cord trouble and take you back to the 80s. By using a headband, music lovers can now enjoy their snoozing soundtrack without the tug from headphone cords. To help make sure you’re next siesta isn’t disturbed, the product also come with a “soothing audio CD”.

The Sleep Headphones are a great idea but there are a few drawbacks to the product. For instance, the headband only comes in one colour: lilac. This doesn’t seem too bad, but a few individuals of the male gender probably wouldn’t like the idea of wearing something purple on their head. Another drawback is the fact that the company doesn’t state how good the sound quality is. But I guess you can’t be beggars or choosers when you can just turn up the volume a notch.

Source: Etsy

You can find out more about the product’s pricing and shipping details by visiting their website.