New HighPoint RocketStor Dock Is Two Drive Docks In One

A few years ago, testing out or attempting to read the data off a hard drive meant unscrewing the computer case, plugging in some cables, and ensuring that the drive wouldn't fall over while attempting to extract important files. Then the hard drive dock – a toaster-like box in which you simply slot the drive through the top and plug in the USB or other cable – came out, which mostly put an end to that hassle. The drive dock is a pretty simple formula, but HighPoint has just come out with a new variation of the concept. Enter the RocketStor 5122B.



At first glance, this may look like a vanilla dual-drive dock, but peer around the back and you will find not one, but two USB 3.0 plugs. Each slot is fed by a separate USB 3.0 bridge chip, and each chip gets its own USB 3.0 plug. This should eliminate the bottleneck that comes out of, say, transferring data off two drives, particularly SSDs, at once. Remember, most of these dual-drive docks only offer one slower USB 2.0 or eSATA interface connected to both of the bays at once.



HighPoint quotes 400MB/s of bandwidth per bay. The latest super-expensive 4TB hard drives are supported, alongside SATA 6Gbps. The slots are molded to accept 3.5” or 2.5” drives, and even the ever-useful one-touch-backup button makes an appearance. HighPoint includes some software that works with the button. The 5122B itself measures 135mm (W) x 121mm (L) x 70mm (H), and an AC adaptor is included to power the whole thing up.



HighPoint hasn't put out pricing or availability information, but the RocketStor 5122B should hit store shelves sometime during the next few weeks. (Via VR-Zone)

UPDATE: The RocketStor 5122B is now available here on Amazon and at other retailers.

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