New Holland Introduces Fuel Cell Tractor...Proves Even Farms Can Go Green

While alternative energy sources are most prominent when talking about the automotive industry, it has been reaching other places as well. A perfect example of this comes from New Holland Farm equipment and their new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor.

The New Holland NH2 made its debut in Italy and could be the first steps in making agriculture even greener than it already is. Power for the NH2 is provided by a 106 horsepower electric motor that is routed to all four wheels. A hydrogen fuel cell located in the front provides energy for the electric motor. Obviously, the range of the NH2 will be less than a traditional diesel engine tractor, but with the proper amount of planning, it could easily pay for itself in less time than its fossil fuel burning brethren.

New Holland sees the NH2 as the first step in moving toward hydrogen powered equipment. They also see the future of farming relying heavily on hydrogen, as it is easy to produce and store hydrogen right on the farm.

New Holland does not plan on putting the NH2 into production until 2013.

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Mar 2, 2009
by Anonymous

fuel cell for cars

Why hav'nt they considered this for cars? This is the way to go, not the electric car.

Mar 5, 2009
by George Delozier

Fuel Cell for Cars

There are several companies out there pushing forward with fuel cell technology.  Chevrolet is actually testing a fuel cell version of the Equinox under the name of "Project Driveway."  I had the chance to test drive one while at NAIAS this year and the technology is solid.  I would expect to see more fuel cell vehicles being introduced in the coming years.

Thanks for reading. 

George Delozier
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