New HTML5 Gaming Kit For Developers

Game ClosureGame Closure

After a long closed beta period, a small game development studio announced the availability of Game Closure, an HTML5 development kit for individuals and companies wishing to get started in creating games and entertainment titles. The launch includes both the dev kit along with iOS and Android apps to help you create games in a way that is fairly natural and innovative, great for entrepreneurs who have been hoping to get into the mobile gaming world but did not have time or the inclination to learn how to program native code.

The dev kit allows games to be created using nothing but HTML5 and native JavaScript, and it has already been used to create many commercial games available out there. Game Closure also says that the code can be compiled in a single command and uploaded to the iOS or Android marketplaces, allowing native speed and performance, while maintaining the HTML5 cross-platform capabilities.

The license is free for personal and commercial games, and several demos are available on their site. A full documentation is also provided, giving you a head start to make your own games using their SDK. This is perfect for anyone who may be familiar with web development to move into the gaming space in an inexpensive and fairly easy way.