New Hummer Takes Aim at Jeep Wrangler

Over the past few years, the Hummer line from General Motors has become reasonably popular. Accordingly, GM increased R&D for the line-up to keep the customers comming, which hasn't worked out all that bad. Yesterday, the new design trio working on the next Hummer released a few teaser pictures, which looks like a competitor to the Jeep Wrangler.

The Design Team: Hard at WorkThe Design Team: Hard at Work

The designers, David Rojas, Min Young Kang and Robert Jablonski, are all recent graduates College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Their first task was to shine some light on the future of off-roading vehicles. Each one came up with a unique design, based on measurements of the current Hummers. The only real guidance they got was from Carl Zipfel, the ex-pro motocross racer who currently heads the Hummer design studio.

David Rojas' DesignDavid Rojas' Design

The members of the team were each given 3 months to full develop their vision. Within that time constraint, they had to first put the design onto paper and work out as many of the proverbial bugs as they could. Next came sculpting and refining the concepts into a final representation of their vision.

After the 3 months was up, each designer had the chance to "pitch" their idea to both Bob Lutz, GM's vice chairman in charge of global product development, and Ed Welburn, who chose which design would ultimately become the HX concept. No official winner has been announced.

Ming Yung Kang's DesignMing Yung Kang's Design

The only information GM released was the Hummer HX would come with a myriad of goodies from the factory, including removable doors, fenders and roof panels. The power-plant they are planning to use will be capable of running on E85. General Motors will be showing the HX at the North American International Auto Show in January.

Thanks : Detriot News

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Dec 11, 2007
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