New Hybrid Bus Will Hit the Streets in 2009

Public transportation in large cities has made a huge impact on how much fuel is used and the amount of emissions produced. However, as more people turn to it to due to rising fuel costs, cities are looking for ways to make cleaner, more efficient buses to reduce those numbers even more, and Proterra has released a new hybrid bus design that may be the perfect solution.

Their design, the HFC35, is composite bodied hybrid-electric bus that made its debut at the American Public Transportation Association expo in San Diego. It can seat up to 37 people currently, but the technology to go larger is already available.

Powering the C35 is a UQM Powerphase 150 propulsion system that can produce up to 480lb/ft of torque with a sustained value of 295lb/ft of torque. The propulsion system will also get a little extra power from a new regenerative braking system installed on every wheel. The combination will yield an average system energy efficiency of 90%.

The buses will also be able to be fully charged in "a matter of minutes" thanks mostly to the TerraColt fast charging system. The expected life of the batteries and charging system is 100,000 charge-discharge cycles.

The HFC will enter a nationwide test period starting in Columbia, South Carolina and then extending outward from there.

Source : Proterra

Oct 30, 2008
by Must Love Gadgets

That is one neat-looking bus!

I never thought I would be expressing that sentiment about a bus... but here it is... It's NEAT!