New Hybrid Car-Quadcopter



Quadcopters have become a very popular type of devices lately, with many traditional RC helicopters and planes being replaced with models that have four rotors. This creates a much more stable vehicle, and allows it to maneuver much easier. But a new Kickstarter project aims to combine this design with a traditional racing car, to create a new type of vehicle that can both roll on roads and fly up at a moment's notice.

The prototype is called B, and it was created by a Southampton inventor who tried to devise a way to create a remote control vehicle that could roll on the ground and fly just as well. Thanks to an innovative design, he combined four wheels along with four rotors embedded in those wheels, giving B this unique capability. Typically, vehicles that can fly either need to stay stationary on the ground in order to lift up, such as an helicopter, or they need a long runway. This patent pending invention can simply fly up at a moment's notice while it's running off full speed on the ground, land, then keep going.

The uses for such a vehicle are many. This flying ability allows it to go above any obstacle, and the way the parts are positioned allows it to control both the wheels and rotors from a single engine and controller. The goal is to raise £86,500 in order to finance the creation of this device, which will be sold as a toy, but he already has plans to increase the possibilities of this invention, including making a full sized vehicle, or changing it into a remote exploration device for harsh terrain.