Collapsible Surfboard: Perfect For Surfers On The Go

As technology evolves, more and more regular items are becoming portable. This is because portable items are a good thing; no one wants to carry around a bulky object in a busy metropolis. A new design by Nicholas Notara is bringing the compact concept outside of the city and into the lifestyles of those who spend their time at the beach.

The idea of a collapsible surfboard can be good and bad. With the help of two pins and a quick release lever, this carbon-fiber surfboard can be shrunk down in size. The durable model also features a variety of fins that can be used to give the board a unique and slick appearance. But is it what surfers want?

Sure the idea of a compact surfboard can be a breakthrough in sports and technology, but is it neccessary? Surfboards were meant to show an individual’s style (through their appearance) and personality (surfboard sticking out of the van or SUV while driving).

It will be interesting to see where this concept goes as far as design. The collapsible surfboard does look sleek in black, but will it come in a variety of colours? These questions can only be answered in time once the concept is picked up by an interested company.

Jun 25, 2008
by Anonymous

A little late....not to mention lame!

A company Pope Bisect came out with that for longboards many many years the research you'll find as named after the true inventor Thane had short lived success because as this "genius" NIcholas Notora will find out REAL SURFERS DO NOT RIDE COLLAPSIBLE SURFBOARDS!!

Jul 8, 2008
by Anonymous

This is a copy of the Pope Bisect

This is a blatant copy that is in violation of Pope Bisects Patent. Pope Bisect has sold over 6,000 two piece boards and the number is growing. Karl Pope the inventor has been in the Surf biz for over 45 years and this Nicholas Notara is some no name.

Sep 15, 2008
by Anonymous

get a life

have you seen the designer.... he is ridiculously good looking. and so is the surf board. design goes around in circles and who ever does the design better wins. so all the other crappy surf boards that have been done before can go jump. karl pope just sounds crap.

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous


good idea, but there's no chance this thing can perform as well as a normal board, obviously no flex