What New Innovations Are Coming Soon In Bathroom Technology

The bathroom renovation of the future will include more than just new technology. New innovations will include more customizable and programmable features than ever. Connected bathrooms will be the norm, as toilets automatically open and shut or clean themselves. Potentially offensive or embarrassing odors and noises will be a thing of the past. Your connected scale and toothbrush might monitor your hygiene habits or send reports straight to your doctor and dentist. Nope, not creepy at all.

New Innovations in Showers, Tubs, Sinks and Faucets

The Reece Bathroom Innovation Award for 2013 went to new technology in showers. The Wind-Rain-Fire combination air extractor fan plus flush-mounted showerhead won Chris Connell Design a $20,000 professional prize. The multi-dimensional shower unit created a more streamlined bathroom renovation in the future by removing the need for a separate exhaust fan while balancing function and technology.
Wind Rain Fire ShowerWind Rain Fire Shower
Image: Interiorsaddict

The 2012 prize went to Fei Chung Billy Ho for a smart shower concept called "le terme." This stainless steel shower structure will use new technology for interactive glass panels in the shower base. A smart media device integrated into the shower will sync with other Smart devices, allowing users to watch videos or make phone calls from the shower stall. Our friends and family are not sure about the new innovation of making a video call from inside the shower, however.
Media Shower of the FutureMedia Shower of the Future
Image: Futuristic News

Dyson, creator of new technology that sucks in the good way (think vacuums) will be rolling out the Airblade Tap Hand Dryer. It incorporates a super-fast air dryer into the faucet of a sink, so you will no longer have to drip water across the bathroom in search of a towel. Furthermore, your hands will dry inside the sink in less than 14 seconds. Non-Dyson driers take over 43 seconds for the same task. The Airblade system includes a HEPA filter, too.
Dyson Hand WasherDyson Hand Washer
Image: Dyson  

One bathroom renovation we are anticipating is the Eco-Bath system, brainchild of South Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok. The concept bath uses dual water tanks to recycle water from the sink for toilet-flushing purposes. The sink water fills the toilet tank and triggers a green LED light when there is enough present to flush the toilet. If the recycled water tank is not full enough yet, users can choose to flush using tap water from the sink.
Eco Bath SystemEco Bath System
Image: ideashunter 


We like the future focus on new innovations for water management and more universal design. What great future bathroom renovation technology should be the focus for designers? 

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