New Invention Lets You Touch Your Speakers More Often

Speakers are an important computer accessory. Not only do they provide a high quality of sound for your music and gaming pleasure, but they also give your computer a sense of style. The latest product from Genius not only has a style that you can see, but one you can also touch.

The division of KYE Systems Corp. recently announced that they will be releasing a new speaker system called the SP-T1200 that has a touch panel screen. The new screen allows users to control different functions, volume, bass or treble with the use of their finger.

Everything is controlled right from the front of the speaker. When a user is about to make an adjustment, the light for the side bar illuminates and creates a high tech feel and look. The speakers also feature a headphone jack, audio cable and an accessible “mute” button.

Since they’re compact and they have a 30-watt sound, the Genius SP-T1200 speakers are ideal for music lovers who have any type of desktop computer or laptop.

Just beware that they only come in your favourite colour: black.