New iPad Scanner Kickstarter Project


A new Kickstarter project has appeared recently which aims to solve the on-the-go need for a document scanner in a fairly imaginative way. Most business users, whether you travel for your company or for yourself, have regular needs to scan paper documents, whether they be contracts or even just your hotel receipt. There are quite a few hardware devices available out there, typically handheld scanners that take some time to run over your documents and require a laptop to use. Dok-Dok is a new hardware device which, if funded, will create an iPad scanner which doubles as a case.

The whole device is a large aluminum case meant to carry around your iPad and some paper documents. When unfolded, it turns into a holder for the tablet and those documents so you can then use the iPad's camera to take pictures. Dok-Dok is made so that the documents are held vertically, just at the right distance to be seen by the camera. It supports both single and multi-page documents, and the iPad app will take pictures, turning them into PDF files which can then be shared to iCloud, Dropbox, etc.

Of course, this is hardly the first type of scanning system for the iPad. There are already a lot of software apps that you can download which will take a picture and convert the result into a PDF. They don't include a hardware device, but many of them are smart enough to take any angle into account and still detect the sheet of paper. So if you don't need the huge case, it would make a lot more sense to stick to a simple app. Of course, if you do happen to need the case, then perhaps this is something worthwhile for you. Also, the advantage of having such a contraption means your scanning process is much faster than if you need to hold the iPad in your hands, or have the app always try to focus on the documents. Right now, the Kickstarter project is trying to raise £7,000 with 22 days to go.