New iPhone Cassette Case Rewinds You Of The Past

From odd gadget supplier Fred and Friends – not sure who Fred is or just how close his friends are – comes the Tuned Up silicone iPhone case.


With a nod to great 80’s culture like the double-tape-player stereo and bright neon hipsacks (seriously. How were those ever a good idea?), the Tuned Up iPhone case brings a touch of the almost aggressively unclassy ‘80s to the second decade of the twenty-first century.


Currently modeled in red/black and blue/white combos, the  Tuned Up iPhone cover is a silicone composite that will prevent damage to the phone if it is dropped, but also manages to make it look like you’re crazy and talking into an cassette tape if you receive a call in public.

In addition, the case can be flipped over and used as a fairly sturdy iPhone movie stand, making it a great example of how new technology rests firmly on the back of its less flashy progenitor. 

Currently, the Tuned Up iPhone case has no price point, but with the case market for smartphones now creeping up into the “big business” category, we’re sure that it will do well no matter the cost.


So long as you don’t have a first-gen iPhone this case will fit your mobile lifestyle center perfectly, and if you do have a first-genner, we really expected more of you.


For shame.

The one on the left is old: your new casette case will not fit. Fail.The one on the left is old: your new casette case will not fit. Fail.


The Tuned Up also features the classic look of a “blank” tape, with 2 horizontal black lines across the top edge of the tape where you can clearly write “MIX TAPE” or “SWEET CHILD OF MINE SUPER-CASETTE”


It’s a neat concept, and a great way to add a retro flair to a technology that just about everybody has.


Stand out from the crowd – talk into a cassette tape.