New Les Paul Guitar Has Unique Style And Feature

Gibson has always been known as an innovator when it comes to music, but their new Guitar of the Month is changing more things than just technology.

The exquisite Gibson Les Paul Push Tone guitar is a rare product with new features. Along with a mahogany body and maple top, the Les Paul Push Tone comes with the unique characteristic of being able to change the pickups.

A new system designed by Gibson allows guitarists to push the pickups out of the guitar, disconnect the wire clips and put in a new set of pickups in no time at all. To help you create a defined sound, the guitar comes with a set of Burstbucker Pros and a set of P-94s pickups that can be mixed and matched. It also features a newly designed output jack that locks your guitar cord in place, making sure you don’t lose a connection.

The vintage look and new features make the Gibson Les Paul Push Tone a unique guitar that showing how slowly yet creatively technology is changing guitars. To find out where you can purchase the Les Paul Push Tone with its custom Guitar of the Month case, you can click over to Gibson’s website .