Seven New Lighting Technology Innovations And A Show To Brighten Your Life

Smart home technology and LED lighting are changing the face of home illumination. Approachable and affordable art lights, alternatives to electricity, and multi-functional lamps are a few of the neater innovations in lighting.

1. Floor Plan Light Switch

If you are like us, you have trouble forgetting which switch controls what lights. It seems they switch around while we sleep. Moving to a new home makes the situation worse. How long did it take to figure out all the switches after your last move?

Taewon Hwang has created the solution. The great idea is a master light switch with a simple drawing of the home floor plan. It shows you which lights you are activating as you touch the switch or the room in the picture.

Floor Plan Light SwitchFloor Plan Light Switch

2. Pouring Light Lamp

This fun LED lamp created by Yeongwoo Kim brings bright color to any room. The LED bulbs are in the bucket, and phosphorescence in the “water” pouring from the bucket lights up the pouring paint. A similar lamp, powered by regular 40-watt electricity is available on Amazon.

Pouring Light LampPouring Light Lamp

3. LED Ceiling

Seo Dong-Hun created the LED ceiling concept. It lets you create light shapes on your ceiling, literally painting with light. Imagine how nuts you could make the cat with this invention!

LED CeilingLED Ceiling

4. LULA Lung Lamp

The LULA Lung Lamp collects air quality data from the room even as it illuminates your space. When connected to the internet, it processes the data and gives you information about health issues that may be present. Monitoring the air quality of your space can help prevent problems caused by poor indoor air quality.

Lula Lung LampLula Lung Lamp

5. WAT Lamp

The WAT lamp generates light by combining ordinary water with a hydroelectric battery. No cords or electricity is required. The water and battery combination generates an electrochemical reaction that results in light.

French designer Manon Leblanc created the lamp, which provides lovely interior lighting with warm white LED lights. The lampshade is made of sanded blown glass.

WAT LampWAT Lamp

6. Klimek Helium Balloon Lights

The Memory Helium Balloon Light collection from Czech manufacturer Brokis and designed by Boris Klimek creates a joyful home atmosphere in a variety of colors. The lights look like helium balloons stuck to the ceiling. In actuality, the “strings” of the balloons are pulls for the lights. The lights are made of glossy opal glass available in nine colors and three diameters.

Ballon Lights - Purple BedroomBallon Lights - Purple Bedroom

7. Mylar Lamps Mimic Freshwater Jellyfish

California-based designer Roxy Russell created the Medusae Collection, a series of four pendant lamps that look like freshwater jellyfish. Each polyester Mylar creation measures nearly three feet long. Hydra, Medusa, Polyp and Ophelia are each unique and named after the corresponding jelly. Russell wanted to draw awareness to the amount of plastic discarded in the oceans. The lights are made in Los Angeles and ship flat-packed for assembly by the user.

Jellyfish Inspired Medusae Collection Lighting by Roxy RussellJellyfish Inspired Medusae Collection Lighting by Roxy Russell


Tent London, one of the major shows at the London Design Festival, featured transformational, sustainable lighting designs this year. Designers around the globe used discarded items and materials to create eco lighting and seating. Nature provided other designers with green materials.

For instance, Minehart created chandeliers inside light bulbs for an inside-out innovation in lighting. Sebastian Cox created chandeliers with lanterns made from wood shavings from hazel trees. Jess Shaw created hanging lights with shades made from the Old Man’s Beard plant. Overall, the exhibition gave visitors new ways to look at old or discarded materials in contemporary design.

Minehart Chandelier on Display at Tent LondonMinehart Chandelier on Display at Tent London

With any of these unique lighting products, you could make your home a little more joyful and a lot more interesting. Combine the electrical lights with a motion sensor device, and have your jellyfish or paint bucket light turn on when you enter the room. We like the idea of a sensor-driven illuminated jellyfish lighting up every time the cat comes in the room at night.

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