New “Liquid Smoking” Drink Promises Instant High for Smokers

New trend - liquid cigarettes?New trend - liquid cigarettes?

A company has created a drink that claims to have the same effect as smoking cigarettes.

The fruit-flavored drink, called “Liquid Smoking”, promises an instant high followed by a 'euphoric calming feeling'. This product is targeted towards those suffering from the smoking ban.

United Drinks and Beauty Corporation, inventors of this drink, hope that it will go on sale just in time for Christmas. They say that the drink doesn’t contain nicotine, but instead has a mix of roots from South African plants.

The company hopes Liquid Smoking to be as popular as Red Bull in bars and used as a mixer in drinks.

Martin Hartman, chief executive of the company, said there was no research proving the drink was harmful in any way. He said the company is waiting for clearance from health authorities in Holland to be able to sell the product there.

“The product we have developed has got similar properties to nicotine, so we are trying to help people out who are affected by the ban on nicotine. People might use this instead of a cigarette or tobacco to help the cravings. It is a relaxing drink, it gives a similar affect to smoking  -  initially you get a little boost which makes you more alert, then a euphoric, calming feeling. It will take the edge off of a need for nicotine for between one to four hours. I think it will help people who feel the need for nicotine in bars, restaurants, long-haul flights and on the train.”

Anti-smoking groups are not happy, though, as they think many of these types of products only go by what the manufacturer chooses to tell people is in them. They are also wary of the packaging design on the can, which is designed to look like a pack of cigarettes and state that it could encourage more smoking.

Would you buy something like this if it was offered in a convenience store or bar? My guess is that most people will get up and walk outside to the patio rather than paying for a can that might make you feel like you are smoking a cigarette.


Source: dailymail

Oct 27, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
Beth Graddon-Hodgson's picture

It won't work

I'm not a smoker, but I would have to agree that even having it available in bars, may not actually reduce cigarette consumption. People like ducking outside for a smoke, there's a social aspect to it (pretty much a sub-culture in itself!). 

I would also worry about the plan  to market it as a mix with alcohol. There was a lot of media when redbull and other energy drinks were being sold in the clubs, so I can only assume there would be adverse affects of this too!

Oct 28, 2008
by Anonymous

Oh dear

The makers claim it has qualities like nicotine - do they mean addictive? A company selling a product claiming to 'help' smokers is nothing of the sort.

Oct 29, 2008
by Anonymous

Liquid Joking

I do not believe this is real. Looks like a bored graphic designer larking about for jokes...

Oct 29, 2008
by Anonymous

If it works

It would be great for those who have quit smoking and still feel on edge.

Nov 7, 2008
by Anonymous

I'm a smoker

I'd give it a try, it'd help at work because I can't smoke on the clock. But I doubt it'd ever replace the joy I find in smoking.

Dec 10, 2008
by Anonymous

liquid smoking drink

can't wait for it to get here in northern ireland