New Measuring Device Gives You The Finger. Twice!

It's called the Smart Finger, and it makes those little measurements we all take with two fingers actually worth something.

From designers Choi Hyong-Suk, Jung Ji-hye and Yoo-Jin park, the Smart Finger is intended to actually give a usefulness to the kinds of completely random measurements we all make. Whether it's guessing at the width of a doorway or estimating the size of an item, we all follow the same unfortunately useless practice.

Holding out our arms or spreading our fingers wide, we "guess" at just what the distance between two objects is. We really have no idea, and the vision in our heads of what exactly constitutes a "foot" or an "inch" varies every time we do this sort of measurements, leading to damaged doorways and televisions that won't fit in the spaces allotted for them.

But no more, said our trio of intrepid measurers! Frustrated with the way we currently do things - which is electronic but not terribly intuitive, they came up with a way for us to still use the fingers we know and love, but have them perform the measuring function in a way we can rely on.

The result of their labours in the field of distance calculation is the Smart Finger.

In fact, it is two finger caps that have on their insides pliable silicon so that they can be placed over any of the five digits (thumb included!). The user then spreads their fingers or arms as usual, and the devices use a light pulse to measure the distance between them. The result is displayed in the chosen measurement format in LED on the top of one of the finger caps for easy reading.

Smart Finger: measure-y and finger-y!Smart Finger: measure-y and finger-y! 

The Smart Finger is able to record and store measurement data for later analysis and also to calculate more complex concepts like area and volume.

Frankly, the device is neato. Not only does it speak to the general human compulsion to lazily measure things when a tape-measure is only steps away in a junk drawer, it has a smooth look combined with the coolness of digital technology.

Our only questions so far relate to how exactly it will know when to stop measure and record, and how we are going to press the button to tell it to save the measurement without changing it. Also, we can only imagine the number of times this device will be used to measure certain...anatomical constructs.

Still, this device gets eight fingers curled in and two thumbs up from us. How far apart those thumbs are is approximate.

Source: Yanko Design 

Sep 15, 2010
by Anonymous

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