New Medical IDs For Diabetic Kids: Tatoos!

Though there are plenty of cool-looking diabetes ID bracelets available for kids, they are often left at home, mostly just forgotten. In frustration, two diabetes education nurses came up with the idea of another form of rapid alert identification, in case a child with diabetes has an emergency: a 'short-acting' tattoo!

By short-acting, I mean that the Just 4 U tattoo lasts for 5 to 7 days, certainly enough to cover the school week, and when it wears or washes off, it can easily be replaced. Actually, the tattoo can easily be removed with a bit of alcohol or baby oil.


Just 4 U Temporary Tattoos for diabetic kidsJust 4 U Temporary Tattoos for diabetic kids


Two packages of 12 tattoos are available; one for girls, the other for boys.  Both the word 'diabetes' and the medical symbol (the caduceus - a rod with a snake curled around it) are part of a fun or colorful background.

Just 4 U Temporary Tatoos are manufactured by DiBon Systems of Sarasota, Florida, and are available online from Fifty50 Medical, a company that gives 50 percent of its profits to diabetes research.

Fifty50 Medical via Newsoxy


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