New Moms Show Aprons Are For Bathing, Not Cooking

Leave it to a mom to come up with a way to make bath time easier. The Babywrapper is such a simple concept, you will be asking yourself why no one thought of it earlier.

With a happily kicking little one splashing around in the tub, this combination apron and bath towel keeps you dry while baby is sudsing up, and then doubles as a cuddly wrap when it’s time to get dry again.
Post-Bath Cuddle Made Possible By BabywrappersPost-Bath Cuddle Made Possible By Babywrappers
The double-duty innovation could have been invented by anyone, but the fashionable gingham and baby-cute colors such as pink, yellow, blue, and green were definitely designed by a fashionable mom. Oversized so you are sure to get a good snuggle and a completely dried off kiddo at the same time, you will love the “extra hands” the Babywrapper allows you to have.
Cute Gingham Babywrapper Gift SetCute Gingham Babywrapper Gift Set
Don’t have drying duty in your life? The Babywrapper is an innovative baby shower gift that comes in adorable packages at an affordable price. Super soft in terrycloth and optional velour, these have been happily tested by babies all over North America, and are reigning supreme as a great gift this holiday season.

You can purchase this great product through the Babywrappers website.

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Dec 16, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

also known as .... a towel

also known as .... a towel