New NEC Mobile Processor Brings 12-Megapixels, HD Video to Phones

NEC Electronics is in the thick of the game today in regards to development of a state of the art image signal processor for mobile phones. It is unveiling with this latest processor the ability to enjoy full HD imaging on phones.

NEC says that the new CE143 processor lets camera-equipped mobile phones provide HD quality video and what is said to be high-quality images comparable to digital still cameras. These statements translate technically into 12-megapixel digital imaging and 1080p quality HD video streaming.

1080p video and higher megapixel digital images aren't the only features integrated into his tiny processor. NEC says it has built in an improved light signal converter, image stabilizer and better optical compensation. This is on top of "face detection circuits that can determine human faces at a 1/25 of the time compared to the previous product."

NEC has also managed to cut down with this image processor the image noise resulting from other components of the camera in the mobile phone. It specifically minimizes distortion caused by the lenses and sensor while taking still images and video images, resulting in better quality images.

The CE143 processor is the next in line after NEC's 2007 release of the CE131. This, according to its maker, enabled the 8-Megapixel mobile phone segment with accumulated shipment exceeding 15 million units. One could easily see this being eclipsed when this higher megapixel processor appears in mobile phones, perhaps later this year.


Nino Marchetti
Guest Blogger

Our guest blogger, Nino Marchetti, regularly covers personal technology and gadgets for a mix of online and print publications.