New Nokia Stereo Headsets for Music Phones

Nokia has just announced the release of 2 new stereo headsets that will make managing phone calls while listening to music a much more pleasurable experience. Scheduled for a January 2008 release, the Nokia WH-700 and the WH-600 stereo headsets will provide a good sounding, quality option for people with music phones.
Nokia WH-600 Stereo HeadphonesNokia WH-600 Stereo Headphones
The Nokia WH-700 is an in-ear headset design with the option of 3 different ear cups for maximum comfort. The Nokia WH-600, on the other hand, is a headband style headset with equally good sound quality according to Nokia. Both models are wired headsets, and they provide in-line volume controls.

What makes both of these new headsets so special is the fact that when connected to a phone that supports music, they allow you to listen to music until a call comes in, they then automatically shut off the music so that you can take the call. Once the call is over, the music automatically starts back up where you left off before the phone call. This feature is very useful for people who frequently use their cell phone to listen to MP3's.
Nokia WH-700 Stereo ear phonesNokia WH-700 Stereo ear phones
Both of these headphones are competitively priced at approximately $95 (65 EUR) for the WH-600 headset and $73 (50 EUR) for the WH-700 earphones. Nokia is marketing these new headphones as headsets that "command superb stereo sound without compromising on comfort and style."

Source: Nokia

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