New & Old Communication Collide: Email Meets Snail Mail With Free Shipping From Quabb

We've seen businesses that combine traditional communication methods which contemporary ones based in technology, but we've never seen ones that provide their services totally for free. It's really not good to be true; keep on reading and find out why!

If you've read about the online-offline communication businesses before, you know that snail mail has not died just yet, but businesses like Quabb are finding a way to profit from offering the convenience of email, with the personal touch of snail mail. While Quabb is operating with the same concept as businesses like Telegram Stop, they do offer something that their competitors don't; their services for free.

Of course, nothing is truly free, but what Quabb does is allows consumers to send an email with the desired text for the snail mail or upload a handwritten document and includes an printed advertisement from one of its sponsors. If consumers don't want to bombard their recipients with snail mail's variety of spam, they can pay 1.19 EURO for mailing within Europe or 2.39 for shipping worldwide.

In an age where we've not yet gone entirely paperless, a business like this can survive with success; but as upcoming generations are well-versed in technological communications, we might see extinction.

Via: Springwise