Is this the new Pet Rock?


Sometimes, the success of a product really depends on the marketing of the product. A simple turn or a phrase can turn garbage into money.

To me, this looks like a wadded up piece of paper in a box, or basically, trash. But this site calls it an Origami Boulder.

Another silly addition to our new Wacky Products gallery. If you have any fun products you've found, please drop me a line so we can add it here.

(Update: Origami Boulder no longer seems to be available.)

Mar 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

comment spam

Pretty weak that you have to resort to comment spam to get attention.

Mar 28, 2006
by Amused and Bemused

We're under attack!!

We're sorry if you are getting comment spam. We just started getting attacked by it this morning. We should have the problem corrrected shortly and apologize to anyone inconvenienced by the attack.

Mar 28, 2006
by admin2015
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spam attack

Sorry that wasn't intentional. We patched the system today to prevent our site from being used as a spam email relay. Please let us know if you have any further problems.

Mar 31, 2006
by Happy Steve (not verified)

Pet Paper totally beats Pet

Pet Paper totally beats Pet Rock.
However, Pet Paper can be beaten by Pet Scissors.