The New Preppy Look For Dogs On Campus: MASCOT Sweaters & Scarves

BMOC always stood for Big Man On Campus. Back in the early 20th Century, the BMOC was iconically pictured in a somewhat oversized v-necked cardigan knitted in his college colors, with the college letters and mascot  decals sewn to the front of the sweater. Then, a matching knitted scarf, striped in college colors, was another fashion tradition.  Big Men On Campus were always preppy.

In those traditional preppy styles with a few modern twists, Mascot (Stay Lucky) has re-designed the studly college sweater and scarf for dogs.  Big Mascot On Campus, perhaps?

Don't worry, these slinky sheaths expand even for chubby BMOCs and are available in sizes XX-Small to Large.  Each Collegiate Color Block Sweater has a lucky symbol embroidered in a contrast color at the far end... a trophy, a crown, a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover, and a 'stay lucky' banner.  





And then there are the Collegiate Stripe Pull-Through Scarves to match the sweaters or wear alone.  Look at these stunning slip-through pom-poms, great for cheerleader dogs, or the BMOCs!





That's the buzz for today!