New President...New Wheels...And A Higher Level of Security

As with previous years, with the inauguration of a new president come new challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. While the nation does its part to work through these trials, the president has his own issues to deal with. One of these is how to get around safely and comfortably while presenting a positive, confident attitude to the rest of the world. The solution to this is a specially modified Cadillac limousine made exclusively for the president himself.

While it appears normal from the outside, the Cadillac is basically a bullet proof luxury tank. Five inches of bullet proof glass surround the commander in chief, with high strength ceramic armor being installed inside the door panels and roof.

The floor has been hardened to the point of being able to withstand a direct blast from a mine and the tires are outfitted with special run-flat inserts that will keep the Cadillac limousine going at up to 100mph with no air to hold up the rubber tires.

While additional details have been withheld for obvious security reasons, it's safe to say the inside has been outfitted with the latest technology to make the tough job of running our country as comfortable as possible while on the move.

 SF Gate