New Printhead Enhances Capability Of 3D Printing: The Dglass3D


The market for home and small business 3D printers has grown tremendously in the last few years and their prices have come down as low as $400 to $500.  Now, two brothers with extensive backgrounds in engineering and plastics extruding, Carl and Brian Douglass, have created improvements for these printers: printheads that will empower them with even greater capability. Dglass3D - D3D, for short.


Dual Dgass3D extruder: image via Dglass3D.comDual Dgass3D extruder: image via


3D printers commonly used for home and business have print heads which can only print one or two materials or colors at a time.  Though more print heads can be added to the printers, each one that is added narrows the space in which a 3-dimensional object can be printed - so the more printheads, the smaller the item printed.

The need to create a new printhead came to the brothers as they attempted to design a cast for a broken arm for the orthopedic industry.  They realized that they needed multiple materials and a larger space to print the cast. That's when they began work on Dglass3D. They have designed two extruder heads, the Dual D3D that handles two colors or materials, and the Quad D3D to handle four colors or materials, without decreasing the print space.

Dglass3D went up on Kickstarter during the summer of 2013, attempting to raise $25,000 start-up money.  The project did not meet its goal, but that did not deter the Douglass brothers. Their invention caught enough attention that manufacturers of original 3D printers began contacting them, from as far away as the U.K. and Italy, to become manufacturers and suppliers of the Dglass3D for their printers....

You see, a very unique feature of the D3D printer head is that it can replace the printheads in most 3D printers. 


Watch for future developments of Dglass3D printer heads here.


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